The CNC Talent supports the creation of audiovisual projects by providing financial contribution for new video makers. The CNC has been appreciative to the LESS IS MORE project :  we are very proud and honored to have the CNC as one of our partners.

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EQ is the first natural cosmetics brand to have created an ocean friendly sunscreen, especially with its colourful sunblock sticks for the face. EQ also proposes ear plugs to prevent ENT diseases while surfing. So when you are a surfer and spend your time spreading sun screen on your face and using ear plugs, there is no doubt that EQ is made for you.


We spent a loooot of time checking the forecast in order to predict the least swell, or satellite maps searching for the best secret spots. Long lasting batteries, waterproofness and strength. The smartphones were really put to the test. CROSSCALL certainly came in handy when on the look out for the perfect waves in Ireland or Indonesia. Crosscall is for sure THE partner for our adventures!

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Entirely eco-designing its products with natural, recycled and/or bio-sourced materials, Picture has got a clear goal : wiping out fossil fuels, especially petrol, to fight the climate change. Thank you Picture! We are very proud to be supported by a brand with such strong environmental and social values.

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Breakout Company combines multiple digital skills, but notably communication and graphic design. Thanks to the whole team for help and for your confidence in our project since the beginning!