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LESS IS MORE - version française (film complet)
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Length : 52 minutes

Language : French - English

Written by : Charlotte FREY, Benjamin, Jules et Valentin PROU

Produced and directed by : Mathias JOUBERT and the Surf Island Family

Music and Art Direction: Thibault CHENAILLE

Direction of Photography : Pierre FRECHOU

Editing : Mathias JOUBERT, Florian PIVOT, Benjamin PROU and Charlotte FREY

Sound Mixing : Thomas ROCHE

Colorgrading : Florian PIVOT and Mathias JOUBERT

Artwork : Antoine SCHMIDT


This documentary shows the lifestyle of the Surf Island Family, a family of surfers- adventurers with an atypical and inspiring lifestyle.
Half-time teachers in France, they travel the world the second half of the year.

When they are asked what they are looking for on these trips, they answer :
« We travel to surf as a family and to meet other cultures. We travel to live our dream of a
simple life far from the overconsumption. We travel to discover other people. And to discover ourselves.
We have to manage with half as much income, but at least we have time. A lot of time.»

In this 52 minute documentary, we join them on an adventure in Indonesia where, as usual with travel,

nothing goes as planned .


Then, the trip deviates to a completely different destination...


Let’s go to Ireland !

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